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If installed correctly, a Hot Mix Asphalt driveway will provide 15, 20 or more years of service.  However, the asphalt requires maintenance.  Sun and heat dessicate the asphalt cement promoting structural breakdown.  Hot Mix Asphalt can be effectively rejuvenated with high-grade asphalt emulsion sealer or bituminous emulsified sealer.  This is a petroleum-based sealer in a water emulsion, not a less expensive and non-effective latex coating.    

Sealed driveways look better and last longer.  A high-grade asphalt emulsion sealer should be applied every two to five years depending on climate, shade and wear patterns.  New pavement should be allowed 90 days curing before a sealer is applied.  Recommended temperature for application of sealer is above 10 degrees Centigrade; cooler temperatures are detrimental.  

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