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Re-capping -- an overlay of 38 mm (1.5 inches) of Hot Mix Asphalt -- provides excellent results for low cost on existing asphalt or concrete drives.  If the current drive is structurally sound -- no evidence of ruts and lumps -- re-capping may work to renew curb appeal.  Any weak spots are patched first, then the new coat applied on the existing drive. 

Excavation, and cost, is kept to a minimum by saw cutting and excavating 1 to 2 meter(s) at each end of the drive where asphalt must meet existing elevations of garage sills and roadway. 

Re-capping will NOT provide a long-lasting solution if the sub-soil was not correctly excavated before the original drive was laid.  Poor sub-soil conditions are evidenced by ruts and ridges in the asphalt surface.  Simply leveling these defects before re-capping omits necessary removal of soft sub-soil and its replacement with crushed limestone, properly compacted to form a solid foundation for the new asphalt mat.

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