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We recommend that a residential driveway be allowed 3 days to set up after asphalt paving.  Yes, the driveway top surface will cool to ambient temperatures within several hours, but the core remains hotter.  Asphalt cement in the Hot Mix slowly cures and strengthens for 90+ days after paving.  The extra inconvenience of keeping cars off the new driveway for three days eliminates any chance of premature damage.

Because curing of asphalt is a slow process, we recommend that homeowners vary their driving and parking pattern on the asphalt surface as much as possible for the first 90 days.   Alternately park near the house, then near the road, left of centre / right of centre.  And avoid traffic within 25 cm (10 inches) of the chamfered edges; stress cracks may result in the new asphalt mat.

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